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Next to the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, The Book of Common Prayer, in its various

revisions, is the most important liturgical and doctrinal text of the Anglican tradition. This course will

examine the place of the Prayer Book in the historical development of Christian worship within the

Anglican Church, both prior to and following 1549. The course will also study the liturgical and doctrinal

tradition of the Book of Common Prayer, together with its order and practical application in Divine

worship. Flowing from the development of the Prayer Book, will be the study of the Missals used in the

Anglo-Catholic tradition of eucharistic worship.

The Liturgy of the Christian Church will be examined through a study of the various forms and orders of public worship in both the Eastern and Western traditions of the Church.  Particular emphasis will be placed upon the development of the liturgy of the English Church and the Book of Common Prayer.

An investigation of the basics of running a parish. This will include discussions of how to manage finances, run a vestry meeting, prepare bulletins and newsletters, principles of conflict management, and how to develop and propagate the parish’s vision for the Gospel.

An introduction to the proclamation of the Word in the Liturgy.  The focus is both academic and experiential, involving an exploration of characteristics of proclamation in Church history, and in the various elements of strategies for communicating God’s Word today.     

Classical philosophy, along with the language of the biblical texts themselves, has provided a framework and foundational language for the theological thought of the Church almost from the beginning. Accordingly, the understanding of theology is enhanced with a familiarity of philosophical thought and language.  T100 - Christian Philosophy provides this foundation by introducing important terms, concepts, and figures of classical philosophy and the relational framework to the Christian faith and message.