Available courses

The Liturgy of the Christian Church will be examined through a study of the various forms and orders of public worship in both the Eastern and Western traditions of the Church.  Particular emphasis will be placed upon the development of the liturgy of the English Church and the Book of Common Prayer.

Understanding the Old Testament is vital for an orthodox and catholic reading and interpretation of the New Testament and Early Church Fathers. This introductory course gives a preliminary overview of the Old Testament, providing an understanding of its organization, literary genres, formation, and theology. In this course the candidate will develop an historical understanding of the origins of the Hebrew people, and their formation into a national geographical and political entity, as well as the movements of God’s plan of salvation, worked out through the correction and trials of His people. This provides essential context for understanding Jesus, the Early Church, and the New Testament. This course also includes some basic elements of Hebrew (the alphabet, how to use Hebrew lexicons and other tools). It is designed for those who have not have two semesters of Biblical Hebrew.