Upcoming Courses

Hilary Term will begin on January 17, 2022. 

The course offerings will be as follows:

  • B-215a Johannine Literature – Part 1: The Gospel (Fr. Mannes Thierry Hakpon)
  • B-220a Pauline and Pastoral Epistles – Part 1: Pauline Epistles (Fr. Peter Geromel)
  • H-101 Church History: Early and Medieval Church (Bishop Craig Botterill)
Due to the scope of the subject matter, each course will be presented as two parts/courses and offered over two consecutive terms. Students interested in one of the courses are required to take both parts.

Coming in Trinity Term, (students are required to take both parts back to back):

  • B-215b Johannine Literature – Part 2: Epistle and Apocalypse 
  • B-220b Pauline and Pastoral Epistles – Part 2: The Pastoral Epistles 
  • H-102 Church History: Reformation to the Present (Bishop Brian Marsh)

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